About us

About Us

We are situated in Nigel, Gauteng which place us between all the big industries around JHB and the mining and power generation plants on the other side.

Nexgen’ first-hand knowledge and experience in rugged industries, such as construction and metal works where employees are not office-bound, brought about the development of a durable, portable clocking device. A device enhanced with biometric and GPS capabilities and able to function in the harsh conditions of remote construction sites, schools, offices and factories. The system can also be utilized for travelling employees e.g. Sales personnel, technicians etc.

The development of the Nexgen Fingerprint device addresses problems associated with working in the field. Combining biometric and GPS functionality the device enables companies to view and manage when and where employees clocked The online software gives the client the advantage of managing the system without the need for assistance using the default settings set-up. The reports, easily customised to clients’ individual requirements, are compatible with the majority of payroll systems, and data can export to Microsoft Excel.in/out.

Nexgen offers their clients 24/7 support to eliminate any downtime.The Nexgen Clocking device allows users to monitor and control the device remotely to avoid minimum downtime. In addition, the device can be tracked and information removed remotely for additional security.Staying in touch with industry and technology trends, Nexgen aims to grow, develop and implement more products and services to address the ‘grey areas’ in the industry.Nexgen also install fixed units for turnstiles as well as Bluetooth units that will connect to your personal phone for a more convenient, and affordable solution.

Our Vision

•To provide our customers with a world class product and services

•To be the preferred supplier to our clientele

•To be the preferred employer to our staff


Our Mission

•To ensure a profitable return to our investors and staff with a constant growth in our industry

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